The Great American Vacation.  Whether by car, plane, or even boat, there are thousands of adventures just waiting for you!   Tour America’s amazing National Parks like Yellowstone, Great Smoky Mountain, Redwood, Grand Teton, Mount Rainer, Glacier, or the Grand Canyon.  Drive across the country and take a piece of the Mother Road, Route 66.  Sit on the beautiful sandy beaches of Florida or Hawaii.  Experience the nation’s history in Washington D.C, Charleston, Philadelphia, and on the battle fields of the Civil War. 

To enjoy the Great America Vacation, you will need to do a little planning.  That’s where we come in.  Great American Vacation Ideas has developed the industry’s finest pocket guides to the country’s most desirable vacation destinations.

The Difference

Let’s be honest.  It’s hard trying to plan a vacation on the Internet.  You can spend countless hours clicking from site to site trying to decide what to see and where to stay.   The information is often incomplete.  If readers fail to post their experiences or companies fail to pay to list their properties and attractions, you’ll never know about them.

Great American Vacation Ideas prides itself on giving the traveler concise, honest, unbiased advice.   Our company was founded by travel experts who have traveled extensively across the country.  We understand what travelers are wishing for – a complete concise travel guide to plan the ultimate vacation without the fluff!   And we deliver.  Another benefit - no establishment pays to be listed in our pocket travel guides.  So, the advice is truly unbiased.  Our experts aren’t swayed by cash or comps.

Great American Vacation Ideas Pocket Travel Guides

Great American Vacation Ideas has developed pocket travel guides to destinations like The Florida Keys, Maui, Walt Disney World, and Sanibel.     Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll be treated to:

  • A  Concise Searchable E-Book – We’ve done away with the fluff and concentrated on what travelers what to know – what to see, where to stay, what to eat, with a little history thrown in.   Plus, each guide is an E-Book.  You get links to hotels, attractions, and more!  
  • In-Depth Descriptions – Tired of just getting snippets of information?  Not here.  You’ll read in-depth descriptions of beaches, attractions, lodging, and dining to decide what’s right for your dream vacation.  Get detailed itineraries and suggestions for side trips.  Essentially, all you need to plan the perfect vacation can be found inside a Great American Vacation Ideas Pocket Travel Guide.

  • Local Insider Tips – Locals do know best!  They know the best restaurants to eat at, the best golf courses to play at, and the tourist traps to avoid.  Now, you will too!

  • Money Saving Suggestions – Your Great American Vacation does not have to cost a fortune.  There are plenty of ways to save money and we’re not talking about just booking on the big travel websites.  You may just save enough to spend a few more days in your version of paradise.

Ready to pack those bags and start traveling across the country?  We thought so.  Let Great American Vacation Ideas help you plan your next Great American Vacation today!

What?  You’re not sure where you want to go.  Well, we can help with that too.  Each Friday, we update our popular travel blog.  Learn about National Parks, beautiful beaches, historical sites, museums, special holiday themed events, car shows, and even pet friendly destinations across America.  



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